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Cathay General Hospital

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Overview of medical institutions
Located in the center of Taipei, Cathay General Hospital was founded in 1977 by Cathay Life Insurance. Building on its strong reputation in Taiwan, Cathay General has expanded into a network of hospitals which now includes its Hsinchu Branch, Sijhih Branch, and Neihu Clinic.

Accredited as a Medical Center by TJCHA, Cathay General offers comprehensive specialties and several specialty centers, including a VIP Clinic, Medical Cosmetic Center, Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine, Institute of Neurological Medicine, Radiation Oncology Center, and Liver Center.

The hospital’s International Healthcare Services group assists patients with travel planning; appointment arrangements; medical consultation and referrals; language translation; patient escorts; transportation; direct admission; and assistance before, during and after hospitalization.
Medical institution information
Services information
Type of hospital: Non-Profit Proprietary Hospitals
Total number of beds: 800
Other quality certifications: ISO/Cosmetic surgery quality certified by Joint Commission of Taiwan/Disease care quality certified by Joint Commission of Taiwan
Translation service: English
Other services: Visa/Transportation/Accomodation/Medical escort/Free Wi-fi
How to Get There
Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.
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