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Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center

#Cancer treatment
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Our Mission, Vision & Values

- Mission: As Taiwan's only specialty cancer hospital, the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center strives to provide cancer patients with state-of-the-art care on par with premier institutions around the world. Our institution carefully selects, trains, and develops staff with potential for growth and commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards. We also strive to expand the breadth of our patient care, by engaging in and supporting cutting-edge research of high relevance to the health of Taiwan and Asia.

- Vision: We seek to become a leading institution in Taiwan and Asia with its strengths in sustained learning, professional excellence, and high-quality cancer care. - Values Patient-centered care: We believe that health care should treat the whole person, not just the illness, and respect patients as unique individuals. - Professional growth: We believe that healthcare professionals should pursue ongoing learning and development, through mentors, peers, and current literature, to provide patients the best care possible.

- Ethical discipline: We believe that the opportunity to serve patients comes with the responsibility of healthcare professionals to exercise the highest integrity at all times.

Why Choosing Us?

1. Highest doctor-to-patient-bed ratio and nurse-to-patient-bed ratio As a hospital, we are committed to giving our patients the best care possible. To us, this begins with having the capacity to give patients the personalized attention they deserve, as well as to rapidly respond to any need that arises. We are proud to maintain doctor-to-patient-bed and nurse-to-patient-bed ratios on par with or above US standards. Studies also show that higher staff-to-patient-bed ratios are correlated with lower mortality rates. Such findings spur us to continue upholding our high standards.

2. Team-based care We believe we can better care for our patients as a team of specialists, rather than as a group of individual healthcare professionals. Our teams have collaborated together for more than five years, learning, growing, and providing care alongside one another. With this wealth of experience, our specialists, representing a range of departments, have developed into teammates that work in tune with one another and deeply understand what each person can offer. We are regularly dialoguing with and turning to our mentors and peers for guidance and input on patient cases. This camaraderie helps foster first-rate medical care, unifying and celebrating the expertise of each specialty.

3. Patient benefit first. In a country that reimburses providers through the fee-for-service model, KF-SYSCC stands as the only hospital to pay its physicians fixed salaries. This is because we are determined to build a culture that puts patients first. Since our physicians are not compensated by how many services they provide or how many preions they write, our patients can be confident of their integrity. When we make treatment decisions, we have only our patients' well-being in mind.

4. Generous time with doctors We understand that dealing with cancer and other health concerns is not easy. With so many unfamiliar medical terms and concepts for patients to wade through, it can become overwhelming. Oftentimes, it seems like an entirely new language to learn. This takes time. We embrace our role to provide as much information as needed for our patients to understand the circumstances and be equipped to make well-informed choices. To that end, we promise to devote time communicating with and walking our patients through any questions they may have. When it comes to patient health, there is nothing more important to us than being present and empowering our patients with the tools they need to get and stay well.

5. Better chance of survival Cancer patients experience better outcomes at our hospital than they would at other institutions. Compared to the rest of Taiwan, our survival rates for all cancer types are higher, as we are able to reduce cancer mortality by 10-50%. For example, for 2004-2008, our 5-year survival rate for breast cancer was 87.3%, compared to 82.6% for all of Taiwan. The reason for this is simple - our philosophy on care translates directly into our delivery and quality of care. What we promise to do as a hospital, we hold ourselves to. We are confident when we say that coming to KF-SYSCC for evaluation and treatment is the right decision – we have the data to back it up.
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Type of hospital: Non-Profit Proprietary Hospitals
Total number of beds: 200
Quality certification (Joint Commission International): Pass
Translation service: English
Other services: Visa
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