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MacKay Memorial Hospital

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Overview of medical institutions
MacKay Memorial Hospital (Chinese: 馬偕紀念醫院), established in the 1880s, is the medical center with the longest history in northern Taiwan. MacKay Memorial Hospital has four campuses in northern, western and eastern Taiwan. The hospital has nearly 3,500 beds and more than 8,800 employees. In 2016, MMH provided outpatient services to an average of 372,000 people every month. An average of 28,200 people a month received emergency care, and we provided inpatient services to an average of 9,300 people monthly.
MacKay Memorial Hospital (MMH) has a full range of medical specialties. We treat almost every type of illness. MMH has one of the largest and best-equipped intensive care units and specialty awards in Taiwan. Our medical teams consist of specialists from different departments providing patients with integrated and comprehensive care. 
Located in a convenient downtown location close to Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and other attractions, MacKay Memorial Hospital is only a walk away from local hotels ranging from 5-star hotels to budget accommodation. 
Our four campuses make up a health network, providing health care and treatment for you in Taipei, Hsinchu, Hualien, and Taitung. 
Main services: Reproductive medicine, Cardiac Surgery, Pediatric Hematology &  Oncology joint replacement, health check, etc.
Medical institution information
Services information
Type of hospital: Non-Profit Proprietary Hospitals
Total number of beds: 3500
Other quality certifications: ISO
Translation service: English/Japanese
Other services: Visa/Transportation/Accomodation/Medical escort/Free Wi-fi
How to Get There
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