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National Taiwan University Hospital

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Overview of medical institutions
Established in 1895, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) is affiliated with the National Taiwan University College of Medicine. NTUH provides a comprehensive range of specialty and subspecialty services with more than 2,300 beds in the main hospital and five branch hospitals throughout the island. This JCI-accredited facility treats more than 13,000 international patients each year.

NTUH employs more than 1,300 full-time physicians, surgeons, attending doctors, and medical residents. All physicians are certified; many have received advanced training in Europe, US, or Japan. In recent years, NTUH has accomplished a number of groundbreaking clinical achievements, including Asia's first successful positive cross-matched living donor kidney transplant in 2005 and Asia’s first robotics-assisted kidney transplant in 2012.

With medical techniques comparable to those in other advanced countries, NTUH offers high quality and efficient medical services to international visitors at reasonable cost. NTUH is the leading hospital for cardiovascular treatment in Taiwan, treating around 3,400 cardiac catheterization cases every year. It has carried out more than 400 heart transplants, with a success rate exceeding 90 percent. NTUH’s Cardiovascular Center was officially opened in March 2012 and provides patients with one-stop, comprehensive medical service.

NTUH has several transplant teams, which perform heart, liver, lung, kidney and bone marrow transplant. The three-year survival rate for kidney transplant is 96 percent, for living donor liver transplant is 82 percent. NTUH’s hepatology service center is one of the leading medical and research units in the world. It provides continuous screening, management, and outcome monitoring services for patients with chronic liver diseases and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). NTUH’s oncology team specializes in treating HCC, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC), and advanced-gastric cancer (AGC). All NTUH departments have extensive expertise treating diseases common to ethnic Chinese.

NTUH established its International Medical Service Center in 2005 to support patients from overseas and from Mainland China. The center offers several services, including appointment scheduling, medical document transmission, billing coordination, doctor referrals, consultation, assistance with travel planning, accommodation arrangements, medical visa application, transportation, and language translation.
Medical institution information
Services information
Type of hospital: Public Hospitals
Total number of beds: 2400
Quality certification (Joint Commission International): Pass
Other quality certifications: ISO
Translation service: English
Other services: Medical escort/Muslim prayer room
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