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New Vision Eye Clinic

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Overview of medical institutions

PURPOSE:to professional eye care technology, cautious, to provide high quality nursing care, the best eye for the Eastern Taipei Medical Clinic.

New vision eye clinic was established in 2003, we adhere to the most professional medical technology, the use of advanced medical equipment, and continuously improve the diagnosis and treatment of comfortable space, providing a full range of eye health services.

We insist that a full range of eye care, not just built on top of advanced medical equipment, more importantly, the medicine is to have skilled craft, the only treatment and surgery for many years of professional experience, coupled with holistic-oriented health care to harmony as a friend to provide care like doctor-patient relationship, we have a strong professional team of physicians and health care to provide you with accurate medical services, have a good health education consulting services, to create high-quality health care environment. New eye clinic eye clinic you need to take care of not only window to the soul, but also provide you with self-care treatment and care of the road, we believe you have a "window to the soul" beautiful healthy eyes, is our greatest goal.
Medical institution information
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Type of hospital: Private Ownership Hospitals
Translation service: English
Other services: Visa/Transportation/Accomodation/Tourism/Medical escort/Free Wi-fi
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