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Pojen General Hospital

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Overview of medical institutions
Po Jen General Hospital is a community hospital serving the medical needs while promoting healthful living in the Taipei Metropolitan community since 1976. This hospital was accredited by Department of Health and given its highest honor, “5 stars of the district hospitals of excellence” award in 2011.

This 175 bed hospital consists of 19 multi-specialty clinics, fully staffed intensive units, 24 hr emergency chest pain cardiac catheterization center, dialysis center, respiratory care ward, MRI / 64MD Ultra Low Dose CT advanced imaging center, Physical exam center, and cosmetic dermatology / Plastic surgery center.

Po Jen General Hospital is Taiwan's leading community hospital and practices medicine on the premise of respecting the dignity of life while utilizing an integrated approach to medical service to provide excellent medical care.
Medical institution information
Services information
Type of hospital: Private Ownership Hospitals
Total number of beds: 197
Other quality certifications: Health examination quality certified by Joint Commission of Taiwan
Translation service: English
Other services: Visa/Transportation/Accomodation/Tourism/Medical escort/Free Wi-fi
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