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Universal Eye Center

#Aesthetic medicine
Overview of medical institutions
Introduction of all business units and products
Universal Eye Center
Universal Eye Center started off as a professional ophthalmologic medical profession but later on developed into a multi-business that covers glasses chain stores, laser vision corrections, medical beauty, and products. A life-long health care system was established to render sustainable services. Information technology was adopted in conducting customer relation management. From the medical professional perspective, tailor-made product information is sent to customers to gain customer trust from a single medical professional, service, product service to the entire system.

Establishing professional image
In view of health education on individual illnesses particularly the eye conditions of customers,services such as common sense about medicine updates in health education and regular outpatient notifications are provided.

Outpatient service, care of the whole operation and post-operation service care
Post-operation reliability strengthening: Reminders and outpatient services before and after an operation is necessary. Visual consultants are the best contacts that help strengthen reliability. Our clinic has a comprehensive customer management system that allows consultants to record valuable information when in contact with customers. Customer care, product information, and medical updates are also provided.

After treatment care
Through relational analysis of the database with each clinic as unit, medical updates, healthcare and nutritional intake related recommendations are provided. In terms of consumer protection, All medical personnel at Universal Eye Center have received comprehensive pre-vocational, on-duty education training, and standard operating procedures for service rendering in order to ensure medical care quality for the general public. Moreover, Universal Eye Center also offers assistance to collaborator channels in setting up customer (customer complaint) service centers, in purchasing medical insurance, in interacting with customers, and protecting the people’s rights. Customer service centers, and legal service departments are also available in the company. Customer service providers, experts, and consultants are also hired to deal with customer complaints and medical disputes. To accommodate and improve customer relations, to ensure the citizens' welfare. Company internally. In addition, there is a “VIP-101” system in the Universal Eye Center system. The workers in the channel have VIP clients they are responsible for. Through post-surgical care, customer satisfaction is enhanced. Customers are also encouraged to recommend the company to relatives and friends based on their own experiences of services received at Universal Eye Center. This customer relation management process begins from the time the first contact is established with customers. Focus is placed on the customer relation. Information tools are used to establish a customer service database. Text messages, phone calls, and e-newsletters that contain eye care information are periodically sent. Sustainable and extended services are provided for following the surgical operation
Medical institution information
Services information
Type of hospital: Private Ownership Hospitals
Quality certification (Joint Commission International): Pass
Other quality certifications: ISO/Cosmetic surgery quality certified by Joint Commission of Taiwan
Translation service: English
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