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Taiwan Adventist Hospital received the Indonesian MUI Halal Certification

Taiwan Adventist Hospital (TAH) recently held a press conference to announce their Majelis Ulama Indonesia Halal Certificate. Indonesian LPPOM MUI Director Dr. Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si issued a certificate to Huiting Huang, President of TAH. In the future, TAH can provide appropriate service to Muslims, including patients and their families, at kitchens, restaurants, clinics and the health examination center.

TAH has always been a cooperative hospital of various units stationed in Taiwan, with a high level of internationalization, medical profession and good service quality. President Huang said that in response to the government's new southward policy and expanding the scope of medical care, TAH chose to apply for the global Muslim market representative Indonesian MUI Halal Certification, with the counseling of the Xinzhong Management Consulting Company, and establish a hospital Halal Quality Assurance System. The Halal Quality Assurance System, which was officially certified this year, is the first medical institution in Taiwan to be certified, and is the highest-level A-level appraisal.

President Huang pointed out that Indonesia's medical resources are lacking, and people with better living ability will choose to go to neighboring countries Singapore and Malaysia for medical treatment. Taiwan's excellent medical quality and reasonable expenses are very competitive compared to Malaysia and Singapore.

During the application process, the TAH’s nutrition department, which is responsible for the meal management, provides more than 200 dishes, snacks and drinks that meet the “Halal” standards, maintaining the original Taiwanese taste of the dish, and combining health and nutrition. In addition, the Health Management Center also established a Muslim prayer room providing a Koran, a prayer blanket, a Mecca label, and cleaning equipment to make Muslims feel at ease during their health check-ups.

Dr. Lukmanul Hakim said that Taiwan is only five hours away from Indonesia. TAH has obtained the MUI Halal Certificate, which is very important for the official opening of Taiwan's top medical services to Indonesia and the global Muslim market. Dr. Lukmanul Hakim will personally take a health checkup and experience the professional services at TAH.

The CEO of Xinzhong Company, Lin Xinyi, said that the Indonesian Muslim population is more than 220 million. It is the largest Muslim country in the world and the largest single Muslim market in Taiwan. The MUI Halal Certificate of Indonesia has always been one of the mainstream certificates among the international Muslim market, covering the majority of the market. It is worthy of applying for the certificate in industries such as food, catering, beauty and biotechnology.

(Information Reprinted from Taiwan International Medical Information Network)