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In order to jointly create a friendly medical environment for Muslims in Taipei City, organizations are invited to participate in the “Muslim Friendly Hospital” qualification.

Announcement of Letter No. 1083011095 of Beiwei Weiqizi on March 6, 108

"Taiwan Halal Promotion Center" entrusted by the "International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs" to the "Republic of China Foreign Trade Development Association"

(Reference URL: https://thpc.taiwantrade.com/ ), providing information on institutional platforms that assist halal certification in various industries (including medical industry); also check Taiwan International Medical Global Information Network The Majelis Ulama Indonesia Halal Certificate, which is listed in the Judiciary of the Seventh-day Adventist Medical Foundation, is under the jurisdiction of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia Halal Certificate. For information on the qualifications of the "Muslim Friendly Hospital", please be interested in receiving information from Muslim medical institutions to create a friendly environment for Muslims.