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About Us

The top choice for high-quality medical service abroad

Taipei city medical treatment has rich resources, excellent medical quality and service. Whether quality of physicians, medical equipment or working process which comparable to Europe and US medical standard.

Taipei City provides a wide range of medical services such as special medical treatment, aesthetic medicine, health check, diagnose and disease treatment. We have the most advance medical equipment to provide patients with most suitable medical check as well as merge Chinese medical service in order to provide diverse diagnose and treatment. These services that have allowed Taipei City become first priority for foreigner and Chinese to receive oversea treatment.

Picture source: Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government

Picture source: Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government

Experience high-quality medical service in a pleasant trip

Taipei City can be found very fascinating and charming as it is a trendy city that surrounding by the highest building Taipei 101, fashionable XinYi district. Also visit the much-vaunted National Palace Museum, which houses some of the world’s most important historical artifacts. The most memorable experience of Beitou hot spring spa, along with delicious food in night market. These most amusing experience which brings no excellent health care as well as delightful tourist experience.

Now, you may access information via Taipei medical tourism website. The website provides information such as services provide by each clinical center and their contact details. Other information for example: health check, aesthetic medicine institution enquiry, and the precaution of medical procedures. There are suggesting health tourist products from the website of your choice, as well as provide tourist sightseeing, food, accommodation and shopping guide for your convenience.

the highest building Taipei 101