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Application Process

Patient Guideline

There are many benefits of having medical holiday in Taipei, including professional medical treatment and service, reasonable price, internationally recognized medical institutions and rich tourism resources. If you are thinking about receiving medical treatment in Taiwan, here are things and preparation that you need to consider: your medical needs, suitable hospital, reliable doctors, questions to ask, how to get to Taipei, documents needs for the treatment and post acute arrangement.

  • 1 Confirm your medical needs

    Your illness and medical history will decide your medical needs (such as health check and aesthetic medicine), and choice suitable medical institution. (Link to features information on medical institutions)

  • 2 Choice suitable hospitals and reliable doctors

    You can find all the information on hospital or clinic website and consult medical profession their ways of treatments before you made decision. (Such as look for JCI Certification) Therefore, this is important to understand the background of the hospital and doctors, prepare all questions to ask and ask hospital or clinic to provide medical consultation and suggestions. More than that, it is important to confirm treatment time, recovering time and medical fees. (Link to contact us)

  • 3 Questions to ask

    Ask any questions related to your health condition, doctor's expertise or potential risks before the treatment for your own safety.

  • 4 How to make an appointment on suitable hospital

    Major hospital in Taipei provides 24 hours emergency service or online arrangement. You can contact the hospital few months in advance prior to your visit to confirm your medical services.

  • 5 Plan to Taipei

    After you have made an appointment with the doctors and hospitals, you can travel by yourself to Taiwan or through travel agencies. Travel arrangements include returning flight tickets, transportation and accommodation. You will need to contact the hospital to prepare for documents (such as medical visa, medical history, medical prescription and other necessary medical documents) and ensure that you have enough time for rest and traveling. You can reserve travel schedule with a travel agency or plan travel schedule by yourself.


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  • 6 Post treatment arrangement

    After the medical treatment, you can continue stay in hospital for other treatments or health examination. If health condition permits, you can use this time to visit famous tourist attraction, enjoy shopping and local delights.


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