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Health Examination

Health Examination

Medical Tourism is a global innovative trend, and Taipei City promotes Medical Tourism. With sophisticated medical screening technology and excellent leisure tourism experience, it not only takes complete care of tourists' body condition while traveling but also serves as a stress reliever for the tourists, thus allowing them to enjoy a memorable medical tour.

Health spa

Health Examination

Health Examination helps early detection of disease which allows the patient to receive medical treatment immediately. Having health examination regularly lets us to place a check on our body. However health examination requires various complicated procedures and sophisticated readings. Therefore having precise knowledge and understanding of health examination is an important factor to comply your need for the examination.

How to choose different options for Health Examination

It is best to understand our needs before having a medical examination. According to the American Board of Medical Specialties(ABMS) , health examination should reflect several factors of the clients, this includes the nature of the client's present job, medical history of the client and his/her current medical status, and family medical history, in order to design a health examination that is highly sensitive and specifically for the client which may show significant improvement in client's health. For example, a client with the history of cardiovascular disease should not only have a regular health examination but should mainly concentrate on examining cardiovascular diseases; they can consider doing cardiovascular examination like Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Cerebral Angiography or Computed tomography(CT).

Medical institutions in Taipei city features healthcare management center which provides a variety of health check up and professional consulting service, in order to design an appropriate health examination service for different clients. You are most welcome to consult on any of the medical institution in Taipei city.

How to select a quality medical institution for medical tourism

The Ministry of Health and Welfare and Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation evaluate the quality and certification of medical institutions, thus providing the best options for the international and local citizen.

  • Ministry of Health and Welfare announce tourism and health check medical institution

    The Ministry of Health and Welfare department promotes “International Medical Service Proposal”, with the help of Taiwan Task Force For Medical Travel to further encourage medical service for international, medical institutions also provides facility for international medical services. To maintain the quality of our medical service for local and international citizen, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced “Institutions of Health Examination and aesthetic medicine for residence from People's Republic of China(PRC) when they enter Taiwan” list, for better reference when choosing medical institutions during medical tour.

  • Health Check-up Program Certification

    To secure the quality of health check institution, Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation builds up a checking mechanism and provides 'Quality Health Check Certification' for hospital and health check institution and announce to public.

    Joint Commission of Taiwan Quality Certification - list of certified institutionslogo