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Features Medical

Features Medical

Taiwan has national medical treatment evaluation mechanism, ranked 4th in the world and is the first country in Asia to create the evaluation mechanism. Therefore Taiwan has gained recognition worldwide for our high quality and superb skill on medical services. Such as craniofacial surgery, living donor liver transplantation, artificial reproductive technology, cardiovascular therapeutics, arthroplasty, bariatric surgery, implants and other special medical items.

Compared to other advanced countries in Europe and America, our medical charges are reasonable, complete medical equipment and other distinguishing features such as convenience and excellent service; there is absolute advantage to develop medical treatment internationally, Taiwan professional medical team has shows numbers of outstanding performance in the world which brings global patients to receive treatment in Taiwan.

Cardiovascular treatmentAnchor point

Cardiovascular treatment

The first heart transplant in Asia was successful. The success rate of coronary stent placement was 99%, the complication was less than 1%, and the vascular stent was coated. The restenosis rate of the third-generation stent was 3.9%.

The upper ventricular frequency and high frequency electric burning, the success rate is also as high as 99%, the complications are less than 1%, the price is relatively low, taking the thoracic and abdominal aortic stent placement of aortic aneurysm as an example, the price is similar to the current medical standard. Compared with Hong Kong and Singapore, they charge about 1.21 to 1.5 times that of Taiwan.

Joint replacementAnchor point

Joint replacement

Taiwan's artificial knee replacement surgery, after the introduction of the robot arm replacement artificial knee joint technology, not only helps the accuracy of the surgery, the wound becomes smaller, and the recovery is faster. Past experience has found that with the help of the robot arm, it is more effective to shorten the recovery time after surgery, so that patients have a better quality of life!

The Taiwan medical team has rich experience in artificial joint replacement surgery, nearly 20,000 cases of artificial joint replacement clinical experience each year, and the use of minimally invasive techniques to achieve small wounds and rapid recovery. Taiwan biomedical materials are suitable for the development of Asian joint materials, and have considerable advantages in terms of medical technology, technology and international popularity and price compared to other countries in the world.

Reproductive medicineAnchor point

Reproductive medicine

Taiwan has a unique global frozen egg technology, a highly advanced frozen technology that benefits many cancers but still hopes to give birth, as well as women who still want to have fertility due to their career planning, but they are able to preserve their health or youth. Eggs for future fertility needs. In addition to the unique global frozen egg technology, IVF implantation rate reached 36.7%, delivery rate as high as 35.8%, and the United States and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and the cost is only 50% of the global average price.

We provide patient-centered assessment, complete rehabilitation assessment, and assist with reproductive technology, artificial reproductive technology, drugs, surgery, etc. to solve the problem of infertility in women, and provide IVF, single sperm microinjection, sperm and embryo Freezing, blastocyst stage culture, and treatment of reproductive endocrine diseases have served many patients from all over the world for many years and are internationally renowned!

Cancer treatmentAnchor point

Cancer treatment

With the aging and changes in living habits, the rate of cancer in modern people has increased year by year, and everyone is at risk when they hear cancer. Taiwan has advanced cancer treatment guidelines and cancer accurate medical strategies, integrated care experience and a wealth of new cancer drug treatment experience. The five-year survival rate of cancer patients in Taiwan is 73%, which is better than the average of 67% in Europe and America.

As an advanced medical country, Taiwan certainly does not fall behind in upgrading medical technology. The Taiwan government has approved eight medical machine construction proton and heavy particle treatment centers since 2009. It opened the first proton and radiotherapy center in Taiwan in 2015. It is also the largest proton center in Asia, and first adopts the “pen tip”. "Pencil beam scanning". By 2018, 70 proton therapy centers have been officially operated in the world, and Taiwan has two of them. It has become the country with the highest density of open proton therapy; it can serve tens of thousands of people every year because the treatment costs are reasonable and technically effective. Competitive, it also attracts many overseas patients to visit Taiwan.

Da Vinci surgeryAnchor point

Da Vinci surgery

Taiwan has advanced medical technology and equipment. Many medical institutions are actively introducing the latest generation of the fourth-generation Da Vinci Xi surgery system. Currently, there are more than 3,000 sets of Da Vinci robots all over the world, including 30 sets in Taiwan, not only with novel technology. Its high-end equipment density ranks first in Asia.

Da Vinci surgery can improve the patient's surgical success rate and postoperative recovery. According to statistics, in 2017, Taiwan implemented 27,878 cases of Da Vinci robot-assisted surgery, accounting for more than 60% of the total surgery; the main service categories include urology, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, colorectal surgery, etc. In line with international standards; due to the use of Da Vinci surgical system, it can effectively reduce the blood loss of patients, reduce the pain of small wounds, shorten the length of hospital stay, reduce the risk of postoperative infection, and recover faster after surgery, and achieve the same or better prognosis. The effect is widely recognized and trusted by people at home and abroad.

Liver transplantationAnchor point

Liver transplantation

The five-year survival rate of Taiwanese liver transplant patients is as high as 82%, which is better than the United States, Europe and Japan, leading the world.

Taiwan's liver transplantation technology is famous overseas. Many doctors have come to Taiwan to study. So far, hundreds of liver transplant doctors from all over the world have been trained. Among them, more than half of Singapore's liver transplant doctors are trained in Taiwan.

In addition to the global liver transplant results, Taiwan's medical team has extensive experience in heart, lung, kidney, bone marrow stem cells and corneal transplantation, providing the most complete medical care for patients!

Craniofacial reconstructionAnchor point

Craniofacial reconstruction

Taiwan has the first cranial center in Southeast Asia and has a complete sub-specialist and team. The success rate of cleft lip and palate repair is 100%; and because of its skillful technology and international recognition, the center has trained more than 50 seed physicians who have gone to Taiwan to study in the world and return to their home country.

Taiwan has three revolutionary achievements in integer surgery:Improved toe transplant to finger technique, Tibial bone flap transplantation, Transplantation flap microsurgery.

(Source from:Taiwan Medical Travel)