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【2020 Intern Travel Diary】Half a Day Trip to Anime Manga Adventure in Taipei!

Travel days: 1 day

Anime Manga Adventure in Taipei!

~WORDS & PHOTOS:Taipei American School~
~ Ian Ho(何丞)and Duolong Yang(楊道隆)~

Themed Itineraries : Anime, Manga, Culture, Shopping, Books
Travel days : Half a Day

【 Introduction】
  • Syntrend Creative Park Guanghua Digital Plaza Taipei Train Station Area
    *Order of travel is flexible Syntrend and Guanghua are next to one another.
【 Stores】
Japanese anime and manga culture have gained great traction around the world. Taiwan is no exception. As anime and manga took Taiwan by storm, numerous related stores appeared around Taipei. 
【 Syntrend x Guanghua Area 】
Syntrend ▲Syntrend Main Entrance

IMG_0909▲Syntrend has numerous figure shops such as Asia Goal

IMG_0920▲Smaller merchandise and capsules are abundant in arcade areas within the building.

IMG_0573▲Syntrned houses one of the most complete Gundam model shops in Taipei.

Guanghua Front▲Guanghua Digital Plaza Front Entrance.

IMG_0540▲Guanghua has numerous books stores that sell manga, light novels and more.
Syntrend, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and other public cultural venues often host Anime related events from cosplay gathering, game events, and more. Guanghua and Syntrend, though renowned for their electronics and tech products, holds a vast amount of Japanese games. Syntrend also sells figurines, mecha models, and other anime-related merchandise while Guanghua has multiple book stores that sell both Japanese and translated Chinese mangas and novels with second-hand rarities sold at a cheap price

【 Taipei City Mall 】
IMG_0626▲Taipei City Mall has numerous shops that sell Japanese games

Store Front▲Card stores, smaller merchandise and figures are also common in Taipei City Mall.
In the Taipei City Mall, connected to the Taipei Train station, a galore of manga and anime-related shops too can be found with just as great an amount of Japanese games from 3DS, Switch, PS4, Xbox to second-hand game disks at shops like 時光屋(Shop Number 67 in the Taipei City Mall). Taipei City Mall also offers different gaming computers or other technological products. Just near Taipei City Mall, there is the Taiwan Manga Base, a government-sponsored venue that often holds manga-related exhibitions and sells many Taiwanese mangas.
【 Wanhua Area Shops】
MagFreak Larger Store Front▲MagFreak sells many officially translated light novels and mangas with great variety

IMG_0728▲Animate Cafe offers drink, merchandise, and desert based on themed animes that change from time to time.

Taiwan Comic Base with HK protest Comic exhibition▲Taiwan Manga Base has a cafe inside. The poster shows a previous exhibition about the Hong Kong protest, featuring numerous related cartoons and drawings.
Several stores south of the train station have an even more complete collection of manga and light novels, including a larger MagFreak shop and even an Anime cafe. Even though light novels and mangas are easily accessible online in this day and age, reading a solid book and exploring a light novel book shop first hand still offers a priceless experience for any true fan

【 Note】
  • Shop Map 
  • Underground Shopping Street:
    Y in front of a number indicates that it is in the Taipei City Mall

  • Wanhua Area Around the Blue & Green MRT Line, South of Ximen station:
     Taipei Animate Store (10:00 ~ 22:00)
    100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, 39號B1
    ◢ Manga, Light Novel, Books, Gifts & Cafe

     MagFreak Taipei (11:00 ~ 22:00)
    108, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Section 2, Wuchang St, No. 7
    No. 70, Xining Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108, 4th Floor #25
    100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Shimin Boulevard, No. 100 B1, Store #123 (Y9 Exit)
    Manga, Magazine, Idol Magazine, Photo Albums, Fashion Magazine

     台灣漫畫基地 (Taiwan Comic Base) (10:00 ~ 21:00, closed on Monday)
    ◢ No. 36、38, Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
     Manga, Books, Manga Exhibition, creative exchange space for artists (not open to the general public), cafe

     OH!TAKU (Weekdays 11:00~7:45 Weekends 11:00 ~ 22:00)
    No. 36、38, Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
    ◢ 100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Shimin Boulevard, 100號 Store #66 (Y17 Exit)
    Manga, Books, Small Merch

     95樂府 (95music)
    No. 11, Lane 20, Section 2, Hankou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108
    ◢ CD of multiple genres, including J-Pop
【 Transportation】
  • Syntrend Taipei City Mall
    MRT Blue Line to Taipei Main Station, walk to the Y area of the Taipei City Mall
  • Taipei City Mall Miscellaneous shops
    MRT Blue Line to Ximen Station walk south to the miscellaneous shops