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Nature – Caoshan Ecological Trail

Travel days: 1 day
Category: Taipei-explore the endless possibilities
Yangming Park(1.5hr) →Lengshuikeng(1hr) →Qingtiangang(1.5hr) →Mountain View Restaurants(2hr)
Yangming ParkSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Yangming ParkKnown as the “Backyard Garden” of Taipei City, Yangming Park is vast in size and features great landscape variation through the seasons due to variation in latitude and altitude. Its most famous landmark—the Flower Clock—is the park's most representative scenic sight.
●Add: 1-20, Zhuzihu, Yangmingshan
●Tel: (02)2861-3601 ext. 850
•  By MRT:
1. To Jiantan Station, then take bus Red 5 to
Yangmingshan stop
2. To Beitou Station, then take bus 230 to Yangmingshan stop
3. To Shipai Station, then take bus S8 to Yangmingshan stop
•  By Bus:
1. To Taipei Railway Station, then take bus 260 to Yangmingshan stop
2. To Taipei Railway Station, then take Royal Bus to Yangmingshan stop
LengshuikengSuggested Duration:1hr
LengshuikengLocated on the east side of Qixingshan (Seven Star Mountain) between the Qingtiangang plateau and Menghuan Lake (Dream Lake), Lengshuikeng (Cold Water Pit) was formed by volcanic lava flowing down from the mountain, damming a water source, and forming a barrier lake. The lake's water eventually drained, leaving the landscape we see today. The cold spring here has long gushed forth at a temperature of around 40C ( 104F ) degrees—source of the Lengshuikeng name, for a cold spring is in fact a hot spring with a temperature significantly lower than other hot springs in an area.
●Add: 170, Ln. 101, Jingshan Rd., Shilin Dist.
●Tel: (02) 2861-0036
•  To MRT Jiantan Station or Shilin Station, transfer to bus Red 5 or 260 and get off at Yangmingshan
stop, then take bus 108 or S5 to Lengshuikeng.
•  To Taipei Main Station, then take Royal Bus directly to Lengshuikeng Visitor Center.
QingtiangangSuggested Duration:1.5hr
QingtiangangOn holidays and weekends, Qingtiangang always draws large crowds, the visitors coming to take in the panoramic field of vision and enjoy the wide expanse of green grass. Young people come for group activities, and the grassland scenery with mountain backdrop is very popular for wedding-photo shoots. There are several attractive hiking trails accessed from the plateau, notably the Yulu (Pathway of the Fish) Historic Trail, an old smuggling route, Juansi Waterfall Trail, and Shitiling Trail, perfect for healthy nature-appreciation walking excursions.
●Add: 246, Ln. 101, Jingshan Rd., Shilin Dist.
●Tel: (02) 2861-5404
●Transportation: Take bus 109, 219, 260, S19, or Red 5 to Yangmingshan stop, then transfer to
YMS shuttle bus to Qingtiangang.
Mountain View RestaurantsSuggested Duration:2hr
Mountain View RestaurantsYangmingshan is home to a variety of restaurants offering different kinds of cuisine and views over different landscapes, and a favorite custom with local day-trippers is to enjoy their leisure time with a good meal here on holidays and weekends. One of the most appealing restaurants is Yangming Spring Green Kitchen, which is decorated in a simple rustic style and emphasizes the new wave of natural and healthy cuisine. Another restaurant, Sleepless Gossip, provides tender BBQ a la carte and hot-pot cuisine; while enjoying your repast accompanied by the twinkling night lights, look out over a dream-like vista of great charm, with the Taipei 101 tower, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi building, and Danshui River far beyond and below. Besides these two choices, there are also many other scenic restaurants that deserve to be explored, one by one.