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Lohas – Happy Ride on Riverside Bike Trial

Travel days: 1 day
Category: Taipei-explore the endless possibilities
Taipei Expo Park(1.5hr) →Dajia Riverside Park(1.5hr) →The Blue Highway(0.5hr) →Cycling along the riverside(1.5hr) → Rainbow Bridge(1hr) → Raohe Street Night Market(1.5hr)
Taipei Expo ParkSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Lohas – Happy Ride on Riverside Bike TrialTaipei Expo Park covers the former 3 Flora Expo Parks including Yuanshan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Xinsheng Park . The outdoor space, including the former Yuanshan partk entrance plaza, seven rainbow etc., is re-opened to the public after certain rework and it is free of charge. People, who did not come to visit it during the Flora Expo period, can now take this opportunity to enjoy the park.
•  MRT: Take the Tamsui Line to Yuanshan Station.
Dajia Riverside ParkSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Lohas – Happy Ride on Riverside Bike TrialDajia Riverside Park is located in between Dazhi Bridge and Zhongshan Bridge along the Keelung River . The park is a reclaimed land from straightened the curve of Keelung River . Taipei City Government has renovated this area into a park with a special affinity for sports and water. It has become a popular venue to hold a variety of outdoor activities due to spacious and flat land. In addition to the bike path, there is basketball court, tennis court, badminton court and other sports facilities in the park. People can come to do sports and enjoy the leisurely opportunity getting close to nature. The most famous spot in Dajia Riverside Park is the “Fountain of Hope” with fan-shaped fountain water curtain which can be up to 75 meters. It is unforgettable when you see the brilliant red and classical Grand Hotel standing behind the fan-shaped fountain water curtain.
•  MRT: Take the Tamsui Line to Yuanshan Station, and then take bus 102 or 103 to the gate no. 9 Dajia Elementary School stop.
The Blue HighwaySuggested Duration:0.5hr
Lohas – Happy Ride on Riverside Bike TrialThe Blue Highway is a ferry route runs through Taipei City with a series of attractions along the route of Keelung River . The attractions include the former Flora Expo Parks , Raohe Street night market and Miramar department store, etc. It is an excellent way to get close to the water. It takes about 30 minutes one way from Dajia Wharf to Xikao Wharf , and about 15 minutes from Dajia Wharf to Meiti Wharf . It is also a different scenery when taking the boat trip during the night, with bright lights along the river.
Cycling along the riversideSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Lohas – Happy Ride on Riverside Bike TrialAll riverside parks are linked by the Keelung River bike paths. The flat driveway is very suitable for the whole family to take a bike ride. Along the river banks on both sides, you can enjoy the urban scenery and the landscape gardening in the park. Riding along the Keelung River bike path, you will go pass the most intensive section of many bridges, including Dazhi Bridge, Minquan Bridge, MacArthur 1 st Bridge, MacArthur 2 nd Bridge, Rainbow Bridge and Chengmei Bridge. The landscapes of so many bridges are very interesting and attractive. If visitors making the entrance by using the Meiti evacuation gate, they will see the embankment wall with elaborate patterns telling the historical stories of the Keelung River which are also brilliant. Taking a night tour along the Keelung River , you will also find the dizzyingly ferris wheel and the night view of Neihu Technology Park .
Rainbow BridgeSuggested Duration:1hr
Lohas – Happy Ride on Riverside Bike TrialThe Rainbow Bridge is the shining landmark in Taipei Keelung Riverside Park . The giant arch bridge locates in between MacArthur Housing Complex and Raohe Night Market. Since it was formally introduced in 2007, the Rainbow Bridge has become the most beautiful landmark comparing with the Dazhi Bridge. The surroundings of the Rainbow Bridge are romantic, especially during the night with lighting landscaping. Its S-shaped bridge design is exceptional with the red arch across both sides of the bridge. Even before it was formally introduced, it had attracted a large number of photography enthusiasts, bicycle riders and drivers’ attention!
●Add: Go to the back of Taipei Songshan Ciyou Temple (Outside of gate no. 4 in Songhe Street )
Raohe Street Night MarketSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Lohas – Happy Ride on Riverside Bike TrialRaohe Street Night Market is the first tourist night market planned by the government. It has a well-functioned management committee and well-equipped public facilities in both hardware and software, not even talking about the world-famous variety of specialities such as baked pepper bread, traditional oyster flour-rice noodle and tofu, etc. Clean, comfortable, affordable and customer first is the spirit of Raohe Street Night Market. Just like the spirit of market’s mascot-Night Owl, it shines beautifully in Taipei . The later the night, the more beautiful it gets.