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Lohas – Beitou Zen Meditation Culture Exploration

Travel days: 1 day
Category: Taipei-explore the endless possibilities
Beitou Hot Spring Museum(1hr) →Plum Garden(1hr) →Thermal Valley(1hr) →YinGuang Ln.(1hr) → Beitou Folk Arts Museum(1.5hr) → Hot Spring Spa /Health Regimen Package(2hr)
Beitou Hot Spring MuseumSuggested Duration:1hr
Beitou Hot Spring MuseumEstablished in 1913 as the largest Spa site in East Asia at that time, the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, formerly known as "Beitou Hot Spring Public Baths", nowadays is the most important show room as well as archive for hot spring culture collections, including precious Beitou stone called “Hokutolite”. The combination of 1st floor’s Romanesque-style arches and columns and 2nd floor’s Japanese-style rooms “ Washitsu” makes the structure more unique, interesting, and appealing. Some irregular performance programs at the outdoor theatre are also available.
●Add: 2, Zhongshan Rd. , Beitou Dist.
●Tel: (02) 2893-9981
•  MRT : Take Tamsui Line or Nanshijiao Line to Beito Station, and change Xin Beitou spur line to
Xin Beitou Station.
•  Bus : Take bus 216, 218, 218(sub-line), 223, 266 to Xin Beitou stop.
Plum GardenSuggested Duration:1hr
Plum GardenBuilt in the late 1930s, the Plum Garden used to be a summer resort for “ Calligraphy Master for a Generation” Mr. Yu Youren. The architecture of this building was formed by Japanese style and the wooden frame is well-retained. Mr. Yu Youren engraved with his handwriting “ Plum Garden ” on the door pillar of the entrance. This building now has been conserved by Taipei City as a historic building with a permanent exhibition and a visitor center provided.

●Add: 6, Zhongshan Rd. , Beitou Dist.
● Tel: (02) 2897-2647
•  MRT : Take Tamsui Line to Xin Beitou Station. Walk towards the East and straight ahead
into Zhongshan Rd for approximately 10 mins.
•  Bus : Take 216(sub-line), 218, 219, 230, 266, 302, 631, 632, S6, S7, S9, S14, S21, S22, S23,
S25, Chih-Nan Bus (Xindien a Danhai Line) to Beitou Park stop. Walk up Guangming Rd for
approximately 20 mins.
Thermal ValleySuggested Duration:1hr
Thermal ValleyLocated near the Xin Beitou Park in Beitou, the Thermal Valley , also known as " Hell Valley " or called as “Head of Sulfur Water” or “ Ghost Lake ” by the local natives, is head of hot springs in Beitou. The temperature of hot spring in Thermal Valley is the highest, about 90° C - 100° C (194° F - 212° F), in the Datun (Volcanic) Mountain Group; its acid spring water is clear with a greenish tinge. Former named as “Jade-like spring water covered with mist” due to its beauty and reputation, the Thermal Valley was selected as one of eight attractions and twelve scenic spots in Taiwan during Japanese colonial period (1895-1945).
●Location: The valley is on the left side of the end of
Zhongshan Rd Near Beitou Park in Beitou Dist.
● Transportation: Take the MRT Tamsui Line to Xin Beitou Station. Walk across the station plaza
to Guangming Rd towards Zhongshan Rd nearby Beitou Park . After passing Beitou Hot Spring
Museum and keep walking straight ahead for 10 more minutes.
YinGuang Ln.Suggested Duration:1hr
YinGuang Ln.Most houses here are old living quarters owned by Bank of Taiwan. The YinGuang Ln. is named for "silver Lane" as the famous Zenkoji Temple is located at the end of the lane. Local residents and experienced tourists treat this lane as a private attraction.
●Add: Walk up to the Mt. through Guangming Rd near
Beitou Park in Beitou Dist.
● Transportation: Take MRT Tamsui Line to Xin Beitou
Station. From Station plaza walk across
Guangming Rd to Yinguang Ln. on Wenquan Rd.
Beitou Folk Arts MuseumSuggested Duration:1.5hr
Beitou Folk Arts MuseumListed as one of city historic sites in 1998, the re-opened Beitou Folk Arts Museum crosses into a new life: its collections include Taiwan folk arts and aboriginal artifacts for about four thousand pieces which reflect its distinctive characters. This museum also features a cross-cultural atmosphere and folk rituals by showing artifacts from different cultures—Japanese, Han Chinese, and aboriginal.
●Add: 32, Youya Rd. , Beitou Dist.
●Tel: (02) 2891-2318
•  MRT:
1. Beitou Station: Take bus Red25 or 230 to
Beitou Folk Arts Museum stop.
2. Xin Beitou Station: Take bus 230 at Guangming Police Station stop, and get off the bus
at Beitou Folk Arts Museum stop.
Hot Spring Spa /Health Regimen PackageSuggested Duration:2hr
Hot Spring Spa /Health Regimen PackageBesides coming into the hot spring resort to comfort through your exhausted body by warm spring treatment, you can indulge yourself with getting a health regimen package. Many hot spring resorts design and elaborate health regimen food with fresh ingredients delivered directly from the origins along with pure springs with rich minerals, so that you can delightedly enjoy food without worrying about the burden.