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A Journey to Taipei's Landmarks: Day-one itinerary

Travel days: 1 day
Category: Classic
*09:30-10:30 Exhibitions & change-of-guard ceremony at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall →11:00-13:00 The towering Taipei 101 →13:40-16:40 An antiquities extravaganza at the National Palace Museum →17:10-18:00 Delicacies at the Shilin Night Market → 18:30-19:00 Nightscape-viewing from the Grand Hotel
09:30~10:30Exhibitions & change-of-guard ceremony at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Exhibitions & change-of-guard ceremony at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial HallOn a huge stretch of land frequented by local people and tourists alike, the memorial hall project includes a main structure flanked by quaint, a similarly stately National Theater and National Concert Hal, besides a square, an avenue, a corridor, ponds and an enchanting Oriental garden.
11:00~13:00The towering Taipei 101
Taipei 101Architect Li blends the elements of modernism into the chinoiseries elements of Taipei 101, a fashion-forward shopping mall and skyscraper that boasts the world's fastest static-pressure elevators (which move from the 1st to 89th floor in only 37 seconds at the speed of 1,010 m/min) and the largest wind-damper. At least 370 meters taller than the neighboring buildings, this 508-meter-high skyscraper - with 101 stories above the ground level - commands a breathtaking view of urban landscape.
13:40~16:40An antiquities extravaganza at the National Palace Museum
National palace museum Collected over the span of 7,000-year period, the museum's 650,000-item Chinese artifact trove, which consists of calligraphy, paintings, literatures, relics, imperial documents from the Qing dynasty, copper ware, jades, ceramics, embroideries, among others, is an emperor's collection inherited and replenished by the Qing court. The museum is ranked in the world's top 4 and the largest in terms of Chinese artifacts.
17:00~18:00Delicacies at the Shilin Night Market
shilin night marketSurrounded by Wenlin, Dadong, Danan Roads and Xiaoxi St., Shilin Night Market is the largest of its kind in Taipei City and mostly offers students inexpensive food and clothing.An impressive array of snacks (double-layer pastry, tapioca tea, cuttlefish in thick soup, fried chicken, Shilin giant sausages, milk donuts, herbal soup, etc.) .
18:30~19:00Nightscape-viewing from the Grand Hotel
Nightscape-viewing from the grand hotelThe palatial, 14-story Grand Hotel was ranked among the world's Top 10 for architectural highlights and excellence, including the red columns, the ubiquitous dragon carvings that gave it the nickname of “Palace of Dragons”, among other Chinese ornamental patterns.