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Two-days Happy Tour

Travel days: 1 day
Season: All Seasons
Category: Classic
Two-day Happy Tour
We have arranged a two-day tour for you to spend some more time getting to know the brilliance of Taipei.

Day 1

AM08:00 - AM11:00
Departing from the origin of the city-Wanhua District

origin of the city-Wanhua District Originally called Banka, Wanhua possesses superb geographic advantage as it sits right beside Tamsui River. It soon became Taipei’s logistics centre of great importance in early years. There was a saying that goes, “First Tainan, second Lugang, third Bangka” which indicates its importance in Taiwan. Wanhua is also Taipei’s first district that underwent economic development. Later on as religious centers such as Longshan Temple and Qingshui Temple were established, Wanhua has established its deep root of belongingness with both economic and spiritual support.

The prosperous Wanhua was once gradually fading and was replaced by other newer developed districts due to the expansion of Taipei City and river siltation. Regardless, the trace of time and history of many centuries, from glorious prosperity to frustrating decay, all sorts of senses, are fully preserved in Wanhua. In fact, history is Wanhua’s most valuable asset that draws attraction. It once was the starting point of Taipei’s soaring development; it has now transformed into a tourist attraction for historical sightseeing and cuisine devouring. Additionally in 2010, the blockbuster Bangka refreshed the memory older generation had on this city where dream started.

Suggested itinerary: Eat like a local, breakfast at Chou Chi Minced Pork Congee→ Visit the old Wanhua District, reminiscing the past→Experience Taiwanese retro style, the Bopiliao Historical Block→The journey of scents, take a stroll down Herb Alley→ Entrust your dreams in Longshan Temple
AM11:30 - PM14:00
Discovery, the beauty of daily life around the corner- Yongkang District

Yongkang District There are plenty of themed restaurants and stores in Yongkang Street. Quite some distinctive cafes are hidden among lanes and alleys at the side. The luxuriant Yongkang park is the center of the block. Every store is unique in its own sense, offering products ranging from exotic apparel, cuisines to chic daily commodities. Stores located south of Jinhua Street are mostly non-mainstream, which somehow created a slightly lonesome yet serene vibe in this secondary area.

Suggested itinerary: Appreciate the modern city view around Yongkang Park→ Enjoy lunch in Yongkong shopping district→ Take a stroll around Qingtian Street→ Bring home some eco-friendly souvenirs
PM14:30 - PM16:00
Encounter, innovation of the old winery- Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park Prior to reconstruction, Huashan 1914 Creative Park was the former site of the Taipei Wine Factory, which was the largest winery in Taiwan at that time. When Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan, it was renamed to Taipei First Winery by the Taiwan Province Tobacco and Wine Government Monopoly Bureau, mainly producing fruit liquor. Since the winery moved in 1987, the site was abandoned and left idle. It was not until 1997 that artists and performing groups clamored for reopening and transformation of the winery, and it is now Taipei’s largest creative art centre of great potential.

Suggested itinerary: Experience innovation and creativity at Huashan 1914 Creative Park.
PM17:00 - PM19:30
Escalation, the sweet aftertaste of tea in the wake of challenge- Maokongk

Maokongk In 2010, crystal cabins, the Eyes of Maokong Gondola are introduced and immediately caused a frenzy. Literally, crystal cabins are cabins with transparent floor made of three layers of 16mm tempered glass. The crystal cabins are verified with a CE Marking issued by the European Commission, so there is no need to worry about safety. Just pluck up your courage!

Suggested itinerary: Take the Maokong Gondola → Watch sunset at a Maokong tea house or cafe.
Promenade, starry nights of the city- Xinyi District

Xinyi District Xinyi district has the world’s highest shopping mall density, hosting the largest number of international designer brands in Taiwan. The dazzling skyline of Xinyi district consist of Taipei101, the highest building in Taipei, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, four malls linked together with Xinyi sky bridge, Eslite Bookstore, the largest flagship store in Taiwan, Unified Hankyu Department Store co-constructed with MRT City Hall Station, etc.

Suggested itinerary: Night roam around Xinyi district →Pick up some souvenirs at Taipei101 →Have snack in a themed restaurant.

Day 2

AM09:00 - PM12:00
Time travel, the reflection of time, space and the mind- National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum Pay an early visit to the museum at the hillside of Yangmingshan. National Palace Museum has the largest collection of ancient Chinese art and artifacts, mainly dating back to the Sung, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The permanent collection is of 677,687 pieces previously collected by the emperors since Sung to the late Qing dynasty, which is why it is regarded as one of the top four museums in the world.
PM12:30 - PM15:00
Break time, physical and spiritual relaxation in the hot spring town- Beitou

Beitou For a tour around Beitou, you can stop by Beitou Park, Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch, Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Plum Garden and Thermal Valley on the way down Zhongshan Road. If you have enough time, you are suggested to take a stroll among these Taipei City historical sites- Yin Song Ge, Long Nai Tang, Xing Nei Tang and Tien Gu An, the very first hot spring hotel in Taiwan.

Suggested itinerary: Stroll around Beitou township→Try the Ice and Fire Duet(Iced black tea & hot spring ramen)→ Take a break at Beitou Park→ Indulge in the vibe of nature and literature in the Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch→Visit Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Plum Garden and Thermal Valley→ Enjoy hot spring.
PM15:40 - PM17:40
Shipping, the century-old city by the waterfront- Dadaocheng

Dadaocheng Dadaocheng is home to the oldest mansions in Taipei. A century before, Dadaocheng was at its peak of prosperity. Over the years, it is now milder having survived the tides of time. Roaming around Dadaocheng, you can pick up fabrics at Yongle Market, watch traditional opera in Dadaocheng Theater, seek red line from the Matchmaker at Xia-Hai City God Temple, and visit ArtYard for innovative ideas in old houses.

Suggested itinerary: Roam around streets of Dadaocheng→ Tour around Dihua Street → Experience creative garment tailoring in Yongle Market→ Find your true love at Xia-Hai City God Temple →Shop for souvenir at ArtYard→ Tour around the river via the Blue Highway & bike around Dadaocheng pier.
PM18:00 - PM20:00
Leap, unlimited possibilities at MRT exit No.6- Ximending

Ximending In early years, Ximending was well-known for its prosperous theater business. Now it is where the young generation seek for their source of fashion and personal style. There is the Tattoo Street for the youngsters to seek for their own identity, Wan Nian Building that accommodates over 50 stores; the very American American Street; Shinjuku Plaza that hosts the latest designers outlets; the old-time plaza amusement, Shizilin Square; Eslite 116 shopping mall that has recently become a hit. Undoubtedly, Ximending is the paradise for Japanophile and Koreanophile.