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One-day Happy Tour

Travel days: 1 day
Season: All Seasons
Category: Happiness
Two-day Happy Tour
Taipei boasts one of the world’s most impressive city landscapes where skyscrapers link ancient history with contemporary cultural and creative industries. In Taipei, there is the museum that hosts the largest collection of Chinese relics, first class hot spring spa, fascinating delicacies from all over the world, local cuisines, etc. It is the city that is technologically advanced, natural and culturally thriving, described as classic and modern in the meantime. Taipei’s charisma is definitely second to none!
AM07:30 - AM09:30
Starting the journey with the very popular breakfast- Fu Hang Dou Jiang, Dongmen Market

Fu Hang Dou Jiang, Dongmen Market Right at the exit of MRT Shandao Temple Station, Huashan Market is very accessible. Fu Hang Dou Jiang is on the second floor of the market, and has been popular for over half a century. Its freshly made thicker flatbread, hou bing and richly flavored sweet and savory soy milk are not only favored by locals in Taipei. In fact, over half of its customers are visitors from other cities as well as foreigners that are specifically drawn by its reputation. There are two over 30-year-old stores which respectively take pride in their successful business. Both of them use black Iberian pig bone to simmer stock. You would not want to miss the slim rice noodles!
AM10:00 - PM12:00
Get on a YouBike and enjoy sightseeing in downtown Taipei- Xinyi Shopping District

Get on a YouBike The best thing about YouBike is its efficiency and mobility that allows commuters to rent from one station and return at another 24-7. Via YouBike, visitors can easily roam around scenic spots like Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Discovery Centre of Taipei, Taipei 101, the revived historical site, Four Four South Village, and the century-old tobacco plant which is now renovated and renamed as Shongshan Cultural and Creative Park. Surprises await for your discovery!
PM12:00 - PM13:30
A feast for your tastebuds, the chic and eclectic dining experience- Gourmet’s Hunt for Cuisines in Xinyi District

Gourmet’s Hunt for Cuisines in Xinyi District Xinyi District, the heart of Taipei, is full of hotels, restaurants, department stores and movie theaters that constantly wow diners with eclectic cuisines from all over the world. Various choices are to fit every visitor’s personal preference and budget. There are Michelin restaurants, underground food courts at department stores, observatory restaurants in Taipei 101, local street food, etc.
PM14:30 - PM17:00
A visit to the classic collection of ancient Chinese artifacts- National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum Located at Waishuangxi, National Palace Museum houses an abundant and complete collection of ancient Chinese artifacts, dating back to over three thousand years. The number of exhibits are at around 690,000. Since its renovation in recent years, the National Palace Museum in Taipei is also referred to as the “New Palace Museum” or the “Trendy Palace Museum”. The interior design is much spacious and brighter in an innovative sense. Exhibition arrangements and visiting routes are made smoother. More over, Fuchunju and Zhishan Cafe were introduced to provide visitors with coffee and tea amidst the grand cultural exchange of the east and the west.
PM17:30 - PM21:00
Relaxation at the hundred-year-old Hot Spring- Beitou Hot Spring Township

Beitou Hot Spring Township Introduced in a full article on the digital travel page of New York Times, Beitou is praised as the heaven of hot spring in Taiwan. It is rich with natural resources, authentic cultural history and unique geographic features. In response to the tide of the time while reminiscing the past, Beitou township has now developed into a world-class tourist spot. Other than Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Plum Garden, Beitou Museum, Ketagalan Culture Center and other historical and cultural sites, there are also numerous hot spring hotels, the very first green library in Taiwan and the tailor made hot spring train, all of which are very accessible thanks to the direct MRT line. That said, Beitou has won a three star on Michelin’s Green Guide Taiwan, as well as the genuine recommendation by Fox News. It is also rated one of the top ten tourist towns in Taiwan.
The beauty of Taipei as the night falls- Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market Shilin Night Market is the largest and most renowned night market in Taipei. In addition to the reopened area of the old Shilin market, the market expands from Yangming theater and includes areas all the way down to Wenlin Road, Xiaobei Street and Tsu Hsien Chou Palace at Danan Road. Nearly a thousand stores and vendors gather in creating a massive market area that continuously attracts crowds of people craving for traditional cuisines, yet the traffic flow remains smooth, welcoming gourmets of all ages until 2-3 am.