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Wenshan-Neihu Line

Travel days: 1 day
Category: MRT
Maokong Area
Maokong is famous for its numerous teahouses with creative decorations; there is also a tea research, development and promotion center under the auspices of the Taipei City Farmer Association, which, in addition to displays of tea-related artifacts, has a rainwater erosion simulation to educate people about the importance of water and soil conservation.
Signs explaining the origins, varieties and features of various Tieguanyin teas are displayed alongside the Shanxuan Temple Trail, making this a healthy way to learn about tea. The path is located next to the main entrance to Zhinan Elementary School. Descending the Research and Development Center path visitors can see an unusual teapot-shape landform, which is the origin of the area name.
Early settlers called it Liaokang (meaning "unevenly distributed hollow" in Taiwanese, from the geological features of the river). This was adapted to Maokong during the Japanese period, a name by which it is still known.
Zhinan Temple Area
Zhinan Temple (115 Wanshou Road, Muzha) is located on Houshan Mountain at an elevation of 223m. It is the midpoint between National Chengchi University (NCCU) and Houshan Mountain, Maokong, Zhanghu and Erge Mountain. Also known as Xiangong Temple, it was built in 1891 and is dedicated to various Daoist deities. Before the road completion, worshipers had to climb the mountain trails, and the 1200 steps bounded by aged trees are still a popular means of making a pilgrimage to Zhinan Temple.

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