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West District

Travel days: 1 day
West Taipei (Wanhua District & Datong District)

 Bangka Local History Tour

  • Longshan Temple → Herb Lane → Bopiliao (Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei) → Guiyang Street → Bangka Qingshui Temple Zushi Temple → Bangka Qingshan Temple → Huaxi Street Night Market
  • The neighborhood by Longshan Temple is the oldest part of Taipei City. Guiyang Street, once known as "Sweet Potato Market Street," is known as the first street of Taipei. Over 300 years after its first construction, Longshan Temple remains an impressive sight today. The temple is richly adorned with carved and painted beams and elaborate plafonds presenting Taiwan’s traditional craftsmanship in all of its beauty. Herb Lane, next to the temple, is a great place to shop for fresh herbs and enjoy herbal tea. Make sure also to enjoy the traditional cuisine and snacks at Huaxi Street Night Market.

 Ximen Pop Culture & Heritage Tour

  • Zhongshan Hall → Red House Theater → Ximending Pedestrian Area (Tattoo Street, American Street, & Movie Street)→ Movie Park
  • There is no better time or place to experience the energy of Taipei’s youth subculture than on a weekend day at the Ximending shopping district. Visitors to this area should also check out the historical Zhongshan Hall and Red House Theater, both of which have been fully restored to their original splendor. In addition to experiencing Taiwan’s old-time movie culture, make time to visit Tattoo Street, American Street and the weekend art market to soak up the full vitality of Ximending.

 Dadaocheng Tea Culture & Heritage Tour

  • Xiahai City God Temple → Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Christ Presbyterian Church (built by the "Father of Taiwan Tea") → Jinji Tea Shop (Historic residence of "Tea King" Chen Tian-lai) → Dihua Street Shopping Area (shopping) → Shopping at historic Taipei tea shops (shops recommended by the Taipei Tea Merchants Association) → Chaoyang Tea Park
  • The Dadaocheng Shopping Area replaced Bangka (Wanhua District) as the main trading entrepot of Taiwan in the late Qing period. Many tea merchants congregated here during that time, giving rise to a flourishing tea trade. Many of the beautiful old buildings from that era—the legacy of wealthy local merchants—still stand impressively at Dadaocheng today.