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South District

Travel days: 1 day
South Taipei (South Da-an District & Wenshan District)

 Water Fun Tour

  • Water Park (Museum of Drinking Water, Water Experience Area)→ Gongguan Riverside Plaza (bicycling)→ Gongguan Shopping District (shopping & cuisine)→ Jingmei Jiying Temple → Jingmei Xianjiyan (Xianjiyan Nature Trail)→ Jingmei Shopping Area (night market snacking)
  • Gongguan is a center of culture and education in Taipei, but it is also known as a shopper's paradise. Sit-down dining and street stall snacks abound at the Jingmei night market, while other shopping and dining opportunities await at Youxian Street along the MRT Xindian Line. Apart from enjoying the city landscape, make sure to climb up to Xianjiyan to take in the views of the natural surroundings. The bird's-eye view of the city from the top is a sight to behold!

 Taipei LOHAS Tour

  • National Taiwan University (Royal Palm Boulevard, library, College of Liberal Arts and other historic sites) → NTU Farm (rustic oasis)→ Wisteria Tea House (intellectual and artist haunt) → Shida Shopping Area (Han Liang-lu's South Village)
  • As the first university of Taiwan, National Taiwan University (NTU) produced many of Taiwan's best-known writers over the years. Today it continues to instill the surrounding area with a strong cultural and artistic spirit. Wisteria Tea House embodies this spirit as a frequent venue for lectures on art and cultural topics. Also in the neighborhood are South Village, where "slow food" and LOHAS living reign supreme, and the rustic oasis of the NTU Farm, offering a welcome urban escape.

 Leisurely Taipei Tour

  • Jianguo Holiday Flower Market → Jianguo Jade Market → Daan Park (forest walks)→ Taipei Grand Mosque (historic site)→ Qingtian Street (Japanese-style historic buildings and historic site)→ Yongkang Street Shopping Area (cuisine)
  • Every weekend, flower lovers descend on the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market to enjoy the blooms. Close to the market, Daan Park offers another good spot for leisure activities. At Yongkang Street, plenty of fun little restaurants and specialty shops are tucked into the side lanes, presenting innumerable dining and shopping temptations.