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Wellness in Taipei

Hot spring and relaxing massage – enjoy a trip of wellness

Taipei is blessed with diverse geographical features. Besides its culture and heritage, you can also enjoy being surrounded by nature. You can take a trip to the national park for some natural tranquility, soak your skin in the mineral-rich hot springs, or allow professionals to customize a beauty massage experience for you. Whichever experience you decide to have, it will certainly be a relaxing and energizing trip for your body, mind, and soul.

  • Healing hot spring

    Healing hot spring

    You must not miss a wellness trip when visiting Taipei! Since ancient times, people used precious hot springs to relax and heal. The hot springs in Beitou and Yangmingshan were formed by the geothermal activity of the Datun volcanic group. Even though the volcanic activity has ceased, there is still sufficient heat in the ground to heat the spring water.

    Beitou Hot Spring has been loved by people since the Japanese rule period, with hot springs and restaurants coexisting and prospering together in the area. Today, tourists are provided with a variety of options, from free foot bath parks, inexpensive public pools, to high-end luxury hot spring clubs and facilities. Visitors can relax and enjoy the surrounding lush greenness in addition to soaking in relaxing hot bath.

    Free foot bath parks

    Quanyuan foot bath park, Fuxing foot bath, Sulfur Valley Hot Spring foot bath

    Recommended Attractions

    Xinbeitou Hot Spring Area, Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Spring Bathing Pool, Lengshuikeng hot spring area, Thermal Valley

  • Spas and massages

    Spas and massages

    There are many high-quality and featured beauty spa treatments in Taipei City, for instance, Thai ancient massage that is known to be passive yoga, aromatherapy oil massage, and Chinese meridian acupoint massage. They will give you a head-to-toe refreshment and rejuvenation of body and soul.

    In the refined environment and served by professional beauticians using carefully prepared essential oils and unique massage techniques, your body can enter a state of deep relaxation during this beautiful journey, and relieve all the pressure, soreness, and fatigue accumulated from your daily life. This is a moment about you, and for you.

    Recommended locations
  • Outing Locations

    Outing Locations

    Taipei is well connected by public transportation. There are many outing locations that can be reached by MRT or bus. In addition to easy hiking trails with beautiful views, you can also enjoy magnificent natural scenery such as the sea of flowers and red maples in different seasons. Visitors can go to the cool and breezy Yangmingshan and enjoy rich nature and ecology, visit the zoo and botanical garden to learn about animals and plants, or have a picnic in the wide grasslands in parks to enjoy a wonderful outdoor time.

    Recommended Attractions

    Yangmingshan National Park, Floriculture Experiment Center, Xiangshan (Mt. Elephant) Hiking Trail, Taipei Zoo, Taipei Botanical Garden, Daan Park